The Death of Kevin Frye


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PRESS RELEASE 1- LOCAL FILMMAKERS TO HOLD AUDITIONS FOR FEATURE FILM Bartlesville writer, Coleen Frazer-Hambrick, always imagined her novel would make a good feature film and local filmmaker/actor Renee Weygandt agrees. “When Coleen first approached me about her novel, I was apprehensive, to say the least,” says Renee. “My first thought was, ‘oh no, she found out I was filmmaker and now I’m stuck reading this novel just to tell her that I’m not interested.’ I really wasn’t interested in doing an adaptation. It’s a lot of work. I had a bit of an attitude about it.” But Renee did read the novel and everything changed. “I thought, ‘this is really good’. I’m very glad I read it and I’m excited to start production.” Coleen, for her part, was very aware of the possibility that Renee would not be interested in reading her novel. “After all,” Coleen admits, “it was rather lengthy and by no means ready to be made into a screenplay, much less be published.” It still wasn’t an easy process. The two hundred twenty five-page novel still had to be turned into an approximately one-hundred-page screenplay. But Renee and Coleen both agree the collaboration has been fun. “It was totally a God thing,” Renee says. “I’ve never written a feature length screenplay in such a short amount of time, less than a month, once I got focused. Sometimes it takes me several months to write a short film screenplay that I’m happy with. God’s hand is definitely in this.” That statement seems to be very true as things are coming together quicker and easier than they thought possible. “I’ve been making movies for several years. I know how hard it is to pull things together, especially at the independent level. It’s been so exciting to see God working and we’re so appreciative of the support, encouragement and generosity of our fellow Bartians.” Coleen agrees, “I have been awe-struck that so many people are so willing to give their support. I feel like a small pebble thrown in just the right place to start a huge avalanche.” Coleen says she knows God is with them on this project and this has emboldened her to believe big. “This has been a power surge in my faith. I know we can do this huge task because of who is helping us.” Of course there’s still a lot of work to do. Actors are needed to play the principle characters, and lots of extras and volunteers to help on the crew are something that is crucial to the success of this kind of project. The film is about Victor Helmut, a man with a dark secret, who falls in love with Jazz Phelps, a photographer for a local magazine. Victor desperately wants to have a normal life with Jazz but the police and former employers, Phineas Johnson and Carl Monroe, threaten his plans of happiness. Victor has only one hope that will keep him from despair. Will that hope come through for him? Auditions for the feature film, “The Death of Kevin Frye” will be held on October 18th and 19th. Contact Renee at for information on the characters, time and location of the auditions and if you would interested in volunteering to help behind the scenes.



Local Filmmakers, Renee Weygandt and Coleen Frazer-Hambrick, were pleased with the turnout of talented actors who came to audition for a role in their feature film, “The Death of Kevin Frye”.

“The response was great,” says Weygandt. “We had actors from Sand Springs, Tulsa, Pawhuska and, of course, Bartlesville. It certainly was not easy choosing from such a talented pool. ”

Weygandt and Frazer-Hambrick spent a lot of time talking and praying over their choices.

“And we’ve ended up with the perfect actors for these roles,” says Frazer-Hambrick, “it’s amazing to see the hand of God transform them into the characters they play.” And yet, as Frazer-Hambrick is discovering, there are many challenges in producing an Indy film. Since a project like this has no budget, filming can only take place on the weekends and volunteers, such as Martha Lemay, are needed to help out with large and small tasks.

Jami Harris and James Bowie, newcomers to the screen have been cast as Jasmine Phelps and Victor Helmut.

Other principal actors include Bartlesville actors Mark Brant, and Warren Mayer, Josh Jones from Tulsa, award winning filmmaker Fritz Green and Rick Luttrell from Pawhuska. Supporting actors are Louella Hopkins from Pawhuska, Diane Tarin and Steve Hughes, of Bartlesville. Also appearing will be Andrew Nichols, Sam Chambers, Jason Eaton, and Wade Bowie.

“The Death of Kevin Frye” is based on the novel of the same name written by Frazer-Hambrick. The story is about Victor Helmut, a man with a dark, secret past, who falls in love with an unsuspecting Jazz Phelps. He desperately wants to leave his past behind and start a new life with his new love but former employers Phineas Johnson and Carl Monroe have one last job they want him to do, an offer he wouldn’t dare refuse and with the police hot on his trail, all his dreams for happiness are threatened. Victor has one last hope; will that hope come through for him?


Production began on November 15th and will continue almost every weekend from now until the end of January.